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Do We Even Have A Universal Lingo, Or Is That Pre Historic?

Ok this is what translation updates have in store for you, so read on and enjoy the write up. What would you expect when you have the following given to you. A pop star of Afrikaans descent, casting for a new music video he is working on, and in the end falling in love with one of the casted beauties. The answer is, a romantic comedy we say, where you need a little more to spruce and spice things up. For example, get a vampy drama queen who would throw a bomb now and then, a loving younger brother to aid his sister in her quest for love and VOILA!! You have a LOVE STORY.

If that’s so simple, why is the case reverse for Ek Lief Jou?

Translation news experts say the story is a mix of various languages, namely, English, Afrikaans and Flemish. Coupled with technological add ons, acting, comedy and obviously the romance bit, the film is a melting pot of concepts and ideas, say expert translation updates providers.

Talking about the technicality of the film, it has everything a modern day romantic drama needs. The movie is directed by Ate de Jong, who has touched the right nerves to keep the audience happy, however, blame the lights used in the movie, which don’t do justice to make it more appealing. Thanks to Frauenstein’s character, one would laugh at the comedy sequences belted out and the nasty humor he throws on Lisa who plays his sister in law, however, translation experts say, they rather stab themselves than watch the movie again or even recommend it.

When acting is spoken of, professional translation experts say it is more of a fifty-fifty rating. The Afrikaans pop star is played by Kurt Darren, remember he is the character in his real life and hence one would expect him to play the role without hitches and with ease, say translation news experts. However, Kurt’s role chickens out simply because of the failure to have the best chemistry with the onscreen characters.

In this movie we have Anna De Klerk who plays the part of a Belgian reporter. Her character arrives in South Africa in the pursuit of penning down the trails and travails of Jong. However it seems her chemistry with his younger brother is better than that of him, say translation experts.

Translations news services say, right in the beginning of the film the protagonists asks his younger brother if he looked brain dead, which was nothing less than what critics worldwide say is SUPERFICIAL. It wasn’t even versed or translated well with the meaning and essence going haywire. The audience broke out into peels not for the comedy but for the lackadaisal part done by professional translation services to bring out the meaning.

Although the characters were allowed to customize the script to their comfort, in the end it seemed everyone was starring in their own movie venture. We should also inform that translation updates experts say that Frauerstein ends up wooing the daughter of the bushveld lodge owner. Don’t waste your time!! We wouldn’t waste our time either!!

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