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Dead Alaskan language revived

Eyak, a native language of Alaska had just one living speaker in Michael Krauss, a linguistic professor at the University of Alaska till recently. He was joined by 22 year old French student Guillaume Leduey who stumbled upon the language through the internet last year. After becoming Krauss’s assistant, he has now become a fluent speaker and has even begun teaching it.

A series of workshops were held in Anchorage and Cordova in Alaska attended by Eyak descendants over the last 2 weeks in an effort to revive the dead language. Leduey and Roy Mitchell a sociolinguist from the University of Alaska conducted these workshops. Grants from the Alaska Humanities Forum, Eyak Corp. and the Chugach Heritage Foundation have helped in organizing these workshops and also in bringing out a DVD on Eyak learning program. These efforts in reviving a dead language have received elaborate coverage from mainstream press like New Yorker, Wall Street Journal etc. For more information please visit

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