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Crossing Bridges Or Gulfing Them – The Choice Is Yours

It was the first time translations occurred to Shreekumar Verma in 2010, he did it on a very judgmental scale, says translations news experts. It was his friend, an editor, who motivated him to publish his first book. She motivated him because he was a writer and a teacher for almost all his life and he has been writing short stories, poems, novels and even books for children as well, says translations updates. Plus she also told him that his work would pass through an editorial panel and upon hearing that, he decided to take up professional translations ahead.

Although it was challenging in the beginning for Shreekumar Verma, since he has had no formal training in translations services, he managed to rummage through films, tabloids and books for more knowledge on professional translations. Added to that was an advantage that he had fluency in his mother tongue, Malayalam and was culturally sensitive as well. The book he came out with was a mirror image of the ways of a dalit and he was first asked to lend his translations expertise on poems and novel extracts.

Most creative professional translations experts stayed wary of it. These writers look at critics as people who have never made it big in writing, but judge others. For them translations experts are second class writers and can never be original artists of any work written whatsoever. But according to Shreekumar Verma, he believes that every critic would have the background information of the work given and should be sensitive to the writers dimensions of thoughts and actions, says translation news experts. Shreekumar Verma describes translations as an Olympic flame taken from one end of the world to the other and he also emphasizes on what scope professional translations have in today’s growing world.

How do translations happen? Does one translate every single word, which would end up as a bland result or would one have to focus on the effective communication method of delivering the essence in the professional translations scenario?

Does translations services mean no creativity of ones own self and simply bowing to what the master asks for or is it vice versa? Again the reason why he asks these questions, because he says professional translations would involve carrying the essence and spirit of the original work, much like the protected holy grail through the crowd of army men!!

The world according to Shreekumar Verma, says translations updates, has received, Tolstoy, Valmiki and Homer to name a few, thanks to professional translations labor and dedication. Translations have been looked at with great criticism says Shreekumar Verma but in the recent past, there has come about winds of change for the same. There are many professional translations works which have been notified, recognized and awarded at various ceremonies. There are even today, seminars and debacles that have major discussions and debates on how translations should be, so there is good hope and future for those who plan to take on translations as a career says, translations news experts.

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