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Arabic- English Translators Have a New Goodie In Store for Their Hard Work

When we talk of translations it has been for a long time that not many could do well on the Arabic to English front. According to Johnson Davies as translation updates calls the famous Arabic to English translator these days, and the first one to have chosen professional translations for this domain, the truth is something else when it comes to translation services, says translation news experts. For a very long time now, he has been the only author to have literally done professional translation services for Arabic works into the queens language.

Johnson Davies as spoken to by translation news experts says, that he was more of a dictator in the field of translations for Arabic to English and he enjoyed the experience completely. Today, the field of professional translation services would be overgrown and in plenty, especially between two different lingos and if you take a look at the market for professional translations services out there, the options and choices are a plenty to choose from, including translations for theory and art as well. Taking a cue from this the esteemed Harvill Secker Young Translator’s Prize is all ready to make this magnificent moment the best for the upcoming generations ahead.

Mansoura Ezz Eldin and Egyptian writer for the famous Banipal magazine has been nominated to present the goodies, says translation news services. For this all entrants to the competition must successfully translate four pages from the LAYL OOUTTI, written by Mansoura Ezz Eldin himself and which was a nominee at the esteemed International Prize for Arabic Fiction in 2010 and even for the esteemed Beirut 39 awards function as well, says translation updates.

The prize for Arabic to English translation would be thrown open to contestants between the age group of eighteen to thirty four this July 2011, say translation updates experts. It would be a panel of judges who would crown the winning translations expert along with a runner up, which again would depend on the number of submissions they get, that too of high quality. This is not the first time for Harvill Secker Young Translators’ Prize to celebrate translations expertise, in fact in 2010, they had a prize which was for Spanish to other languages and the El hachazo was to be used for the contest. The El hachazo was written by Matias Nespolo, a young author of argentine decent.

All in all there were more than two hundred professional translations versions for the El hachazoi last year and this year around with the Harvill Secker and judges discretion, no one can say how many would be contesting for the prized goodie.

Translation news says the judges for the panel would be Briony Everroad, Maya Jaggi, Anthony Calderbank and Penelope Lively. Once the name of the winner is announced, it would be up on the website, The winner gets £1,000 as cash prize and to choose from a choice of Harvill Secker titles as well, along with that the winner also receives book tokens as well, to be reimbursed at the Foyles bookstores, says translation news experts.

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