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API Enhanced and New Widgets Brought In Thanks To MICROSOFT

Breaking news folks, by translations news desks on Microsoft’s gift to the team of professional translation experts which have a new product for translation needs in the market with features anew and enhanced priorities for their API’s and Widgets.

Translation updates say that the widget, Microsoft Translator has been the preferred translations tool by millions across the globe on a daily basis and this tool now is updated and complete. The translations tool released as a sneak peak in 2010 now has a role management system and allows for users to be added as well. Plus webmasters can now coagulate information of the people who visit them and get in touch with professional translation experts and even moderators to enable customized translations in real time basis for the content on their websites. Now you can translate documents and other content of importance to you without having the fear of not getting the right essence delivered at the end of it all. Your websites can now have the touch of professional translation services of high standards and quality, which would wow your end user in no time.

Translation news experts say that with such updates one can have professional translation experts or even normal colleagues and friends to help customize the content as per your website’s needs in real time basis sans the hitches of mistakes. But the question that arises here is how would one manage all translations needs and translation updates? You would surely want to do away with content which makes no sense to the kind of promotions your website needs. Will this tool help you with translations on languages not known to you? There is a dashboard to end all your woes which would help with professional translations on a bulk basis. The dashboard can be used to bring in more users who can approve, hide and even moderate other languages as well and that too in huge amounts.

Apart from this, translations experts say the editing concept with such a tool allows you to browse the website pages and check on translations which are pending as well. For this the widget would do the job for you and then you can choose to reject or approve the suggestion given at your own will. The widget would give you hints with blue for suggestions and red with pending needs.

According to the feedback given by translation updates services, we get to know that the user experience has been streamlined with regard to showing or even editing translations. This would thus give you feedback on how the end user is functioning with the kind of tools you have on your website for translation needs and translation updates.

Coming to the “Microsoft Translator API”, here are some beneficial features you would be happy to know of:

All the edits that happen on your site from the global masses would be known to you and
The flexibility options and the limits on API traffic is NO MORE.
This is as given to us by translation updates for your benefit today!

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