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Amen to the Translated Mass Texts – Says US Bishops

No messing around with the Word of God, says translations news and that is what the US catholic clergy believes in as well. The English mass texts for a very long time had no other means to reach the local Spaniard communities in the US, simply because there weren’t enough professional translations happening which could carry out the intended meaning of the Gospel.

According to various sources, we get to know that the esteemed U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops now allows the mass texts with the help of professional translations have a new life for the Spaniard community in their own lingo. What has been successfully translated is the “U.S. Propers and Adaptations to the Roman Missal, Third Edition”, says translation news experts. This was done last week on June 16th at the Seattle convention for Spring.

This is as what many news updates from “Brooklyn Auxiliary Bishop Octavio Cisneros” who is the chairperson to the esteemed “USCCB Subcommittee on Hispanics and the Liturgy” calls the best thing that could have happened for the Hispanic community in the US. Translations updates also says that the added prayers and rituals in the texts are bang on for the masses and also a need for pastors to review their ways of preaching.

Such a comment from a high dignitary only goes to show that the translations of mass texts is now being widely accepted by the US Bishops for the Hispanic and Spaniards living in the country but cannot speak or decipher the language of English all too well, says translations news.

Translations updates also say that the esteemed USCCB has given its approval to the appendix of the Spanish version of the prayer texts and mass texts as well. Most of the translated version as translations experts say, is customized to such an extent, which is attunement to the patron rituals and feasts celebrated in Spain and Latin America.

As one of the Latin American bishops told translation updates experts that the committee of professional translations experts has done a job far too commendable and should be applauded for their high expertise and services. According to him, the translation is an epitome of the sweetness within the language of the Latin Americans, which is seen abundantly in the new prayer texts.

Translations updates say that it took more than a whole year for professional translations teams to sit and get the compilation done for the prayer collection, this included prayers to saints, and the feasts as well. A total of 167 positive vouches were collected for the appendix to be approved and this was from the hands of the Latin Rite members who work closely with the USCCB, through God’s grace they received much more than that for the translations done.

Even Pope Benedict approved of the English version of the mass texts in June 2010, we now have to wait for his highness to approve the same for translations in Spanish!!

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