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A tete-a-tete with Spain’s Professional Translation Experts in Cinema

Without translations done well would you have enjoyed a movie which was a blockbuster or has made it to the Oscars? We bet NO!!

Imagine watching a movie without professional translations services done, would the subtitles match the essence of what the movie is all about? It wouldn’t do justice both to the maker of the film and the audience, in the end both would suffer losses on the whole. Most of us laugh in peels when we read the subtitles or translations of dialogues in text, because it just doesn’t make sense, especially if you are fluent and conversant in both the languages. But for the layman who watches the movie, he may have a different perspective altogether, however, wouldn’t be able to absorb the essence or the soul of the genre being delivered.

Translation news desks always criticize the subtitles of movies in Spanish cinema, since they do not relate at all to what is being shown on the silver screen. Most would think why were professional translation experts not used for the wholesomeness of the Spanish movie, in the end the purpose is defeated and lost. We wonder what was in that cup of tea when translations for the movie were happening.

In the world of Spanish cinema, the translation team always shows themselves to the audience before the movie starts, this is a trait followed by the genre in Spain. Here the professional translations team is a mix of scholars who teach linguistics across the nation and are proud to portray the work they do for a living, especially what they do for the big silver screen, says translation news experts.

In the premieres shown at the Spanish Film Festival there were small sneak peaks, reviews and introductions of high end personalities emerging out of the embassy in Spain. They were there not only to promote the film festival, but to also show how committed they are to the cause of translations in an apt and reliable way says translation updates experts. Alberto Canto García an eminent figure with Arabic studies and a professor at the famous University of Cairo, has full fledged thanked the masses for the warm response to his efforts in Spanish cinema translations.

Mark Gamal was also present at the Spanish film festival, where he briefly explained the need for professional translations in the world of Spanish cinema. Mark has been known to have completely used his translation services for many feature films and yet not asked the world for an acknowledgement for all his hard work. Some of the films that have used translations in the Spanish film festival have been known to have precise attention in the movie making, direction and even the way actors defined their roles. These movies were shown for free to the masses at the famous “Creativity Centre in the Cairo Opera House” on a daily basis and would continue till June 10th 2011.

We can only wait with baited breath to marvel the wonders of professional translation done for these movies!

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