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A Small Talk on the Harvill Secker Young Translators Prize

According to translation news, it was in the year 2010 when the esteemed Harvill Secker Young Translator was celebrated with aplomb and joy. For more than a century now, Harvill Secker has been the backbone of quality writing at par with international standards, say, translations experts. There have been events and festivals, especially customized for the wonder Harvill Secker Young Translator day. Moreover, readings, debates and discussions were held at Foyles, to commemorate the existence of the Harvill Secker Young Translator ceremony.

This is a platform as translation news experts say for many budding professional translations service holders to show off their skills on translations. Since there are not many avenues for the budding translations young ones to showcase their skills, one can now use the Harvill Secker Young Translator platform to do the same. Sources are thrilled at the fact that Foyles and Harvill Secker Young Translator are joining hands to award the new translations winner this year.

It is very important to have professional translations services for publishing quality writing that match international standards and retain the essence of the original format, say translation updates experts. Such professional translation experts would always be a part of international publishers, scouts and agents who would be helping editors of the queen’s language decide what can be published and what shouldn’t. After this it would be the same people who would help professional translations experts bring out the small nuances and essences of the original format to the masses across the globe.

To start as a professional translations expert, one has to be brave and daunting. Most publishers would actually look at translations jobs done by you and the kind of publishers you have worked with in the past. The main aim of the Harvill Secker Young Translator Prize is to recognize those with a flair for translations services without having to worry too much about their skills and expertise, someone whose works can relate to the mindsets of many readers across the globe.

In 2010, the Harvill Secker Young Translator ceremony saw around two hundred and more entries from across the globe, says translation updates. The winners in various categories at the Harvill Secker Young Translator 2010 were;

Beth Fowler, for Matías Néspolo’s El Hachazo
Emily Dyson,
Lindsey Ford and
Michael McDevitt to name a few.
Translations news experts are hoping for a better participation than the Harvill Secker Young Translator 2010. There are more categories and languages for professional translations involved this time, so that many across the globe can participate as well. This time around the focus is on Arabic to English translations and the chosen text would be ‘Layl Qouti’ by Mansoura Ez Eldin.

What lies ahead at the Harvill Secker Young Translator 2011, is what most of us would want to see. With so many vying for the prized goodies and recognition, one can only hope for the best professional translations to happen while at the Harvill Secker Young Translator 2011

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