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A Police Translator as News of the World Executive

Translation news has a story which is all too interesting to read and know off. We all heard of the phone hacking story which has been doing the rounds in the recent times, haven’t we? Now there is a new emergence to the story, where there is a twist of sorts to the whole episode. An executive director working with the esteemed Sunday tabloid has found his name in the episode drama, say sources. Alex Marunchak has been associated with them from the mid eighties to the early 2000’s. His role in the whole episode is that of a professional translations expert, helping translate documents for suspects of Ukrainian origin, says translations news.

Did the newspaper share a cordial relationship or not with the revelations? This is news to most around the world and it wouldn’t matter so much, since the relationship with the Yard is ever to cozy, says translations news. Looking into the profile of Alex, one gets to know that his career with the esteemed News of the World lasted from 1981 all the way into the year 2006. As a freelancer interpreter, Alex has also been working with the famous Scotland Yard forces, says the experts at translations news.

He was also on the list of professional translations groups between 1980 and the year 2000 for the Metropolitan Police. Here he helped with translations and interpretation services, for witnesses, victims and those who were known to be suspects of certain crimes but couldn’t communicate due to the lack of spoken English abilities, says translations news.

Sources say that translations services became electronic post the mid nineties and it was only then that they got to know that Alex worked as a professional translations expert for the Ukrainian witnesses and victims. His translations works have been seen in the year 1997 and then again in 1999 respectively. The total hours of work put in by Alex altogether was around twenty seven hours and no proof or hardcore evidence has shown that he took any translations assignments prior to the year 1996.

It is also understood that without an expert with professional translations, some job are never complete. The Metropolitan Police opines that Alex has surely signed the esteemed Official Secrets Act and that was confirmed by Alex when he said to one of the famous print tabloids, his salary for the same would be on a shift basis, which is £40, says translations news. However, he knew it very well he was being roped into other issues, which he says he has no part to play!!

To quote Alex “ There was nothing I ever did that would be of any interest to a national newspaper. I was called out at all hours of the night to deal with the real dregs of society”. Well whatever be the case, Alex finally quit as a translations expert and as they say, the going got really tough on him. Will the job of the Metropolitan Police department get any easier? Asks translations news!!


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