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A New Contract for Linguistic Services Given By the Army

Translations news says that now there would be a new vendor to help the forces with translations and interpretations, the new vendor being Global Linguist Solutions. The value of the contract is estimated to be $9.7 billion say inside news providers, for the cause of Defense Language Interpretation Translation Enterprise. Quite a hefty price to pay, but the US Government is all nods about this project, since here it cares for its citizens safety and security at large, say translations experts around the globe.

The competition is tough for GLS, since there are other fish in the sea, vying for the project. Since this is a multiple award domain, the nature of the job would include translations to be conducted for equipment, personnel, supplies, transportation, facilities, materials, tools, and even supervision as well. The translations services would also extend its helping hand for professional translations needs on other non personal services, co related to interpretation of languages, and even for requirements at Force Projection Operations mission as well.

Professional translations would be performed not only for the US soil, but for various other corners of the globe where the forces have been deployed as well. For the record, one gets to know the role of translations services performed by GLS in the Persian Gulf arena and the Iraq sector as well, since the year 2008. The venture is a joint one between AECOM NSP and DynCorp International, says translations news.

For the past five decades or so, DynCorp has been sustaining and supporting deployments on a large scale to the personnel, especially in areas considered to be of high threat, says translations news. This is important if the US Army has to understand the motives and the ways of the enemy. As they say if you cannot beat them you join them, failure not being an option for the US Army, they have used the proven records of GLS for their needs.

With professional translations services coming of age for the US defense forces, one can now expect better clarity and visions for the men on the field says translations news. The forces would now be guided on the right path, and nothing would be left to assumptions when it comes to understanding the enemies ways of attacking.

At present DynCorp is the only known vendor across the globe recruiting the best professional translations experts and helping linguists and translations experts across the globe have a career with them. They even have around three thousand or more employees stationed in Iraq for translations and interpretation services, says translations news.

AECOM NSP has acquired McNeil Technologies and with more than twenty years of expertise to its name in planning and recruiting professional translations experts, even deploying and maintaining the best of linguists for their needs and across the world, which would include Iraq, we can only hope and wait for the best translations to happen for the US Army force henceforth!!

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