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2012 Sees Not the End of the World but the Way We Say the MASS LITURGY

Translations news says the year 2012 would see the end of the way we would say the Mass at churches. Come December 2012, the prayers and the prayer responses which we recite at Mass would be said in the new ways of the Roman Missal. The mass celebrations would undergo a through change under the watchful eyes of professional translations experts. Early this year, the CBCP or the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines, gave a nod to the new ways of the English Mass Liturgy, says translations news.

This was done in a bid to make followers understand the core meaning of prayers and responses which came from the original texts, which were in Latin, the core language of the Roman Liturgy, says translations news experts. It is opined by the CBCP, that new translations of the text would be ready by December 2012 and the advent season in 2012 would have its new version out to the followers to use.

The season of advent was chosen by the Catholic Church, because according to the clergy it is a beginning of the liturgical season for the calendars followed by churches across the world, say translation experts. What would be changed through professional translations would be;

The Introductory Rites, which would include, the “response of the faithful”, even “also with you” when the priests sends out a greeting and “the Lord be with you” has been changed to “And with your spirit” henceforth, says translations news experts.
There are other changes in the Mass Liturgy, same to what we see with the Introductory Rites. For example, “the Liturgy of the Word”, “the Liturgy of the Eucharist” and even the “Concluding Rites” as well, says translations news desk experts.
“The cup of my blood” in the Eucharistic prayer would now through professional translations be”chalice of my blood”.
“It will be shed for you and for all men” would now be “which will be poured out for you and for many.”, says translations news desk experts.
How does one then prepare for such a transit through 2012 December?

Initiatives are being made by the CBCP which would help followers find it easy to move from the old version to the new version, says professional translations experts. Most of the English speaking nations, which includes the Philippines, still use, the Roman Missal, version 1973 and this was made by the ICEL or the International Commission on English Liturgy.
Fr. Anscar Chupungco has been asked by the esteemed CBCP to initiate the development.
Good initiatives, but are they enough, wonders professional translations experts. How soon the churches would across Philippines strong catholic domains take good note of the new translations services is yet to be ascertained. Till 2012 December doesn’t arrive, the holy mass liturgy would still be read out in its old version, as it was done since 1973, says translations news updates.

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