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Ridiculous Attempt for Translations at the WELSH Assembly

Again from Wales, we have translations news bringing us some interesting stories and this time it revolves around the WELSH assembly. There is a proposal, says translations news which wants to make all records of the welsh assembly bilingual. This is a debated topic and has faced a lot of flak and ridicules by the professional translations teams at Google, says translations news.

When the assembly records were being compiled, the Google Translate services were being considered by the professional translations experts, both for translations and as well as proof reading. However, the HOD for professional translations opines it would waste more money and not save it. The assembly folks opine that the records should be bilingual in all forms and principle, nothing short of it would be accepted. They even disallowed members to help with translations only from English to welsh while the meetings were on last year in September, says translations news.

The AM’s contributions for welsh language translations to English was the norm and not the opposite all the while, says translations news, which didn’t go down all too well with the assembly jury. Sources say that the Assembly Commission has been accused by the Welsh Language Board and held responsible for not conducting proper professional translations for businesses in Cardiff Bay. Hence the need for a bilingual record of all plenary sessions, which would be equal to the Hansard is a must, says translations news.

Recently at a meeting, the commission showed the 5000 worder script which the Welsh call COFNOD, was uploaded on the Google translate app for professional translations needs and this was a first of its kind to make the plenary record bilingual, a nice attempt says translations news. But this could get mighty costly, since the translations method could cost the commission around £110,000 on an annual basis. A point to note here would be that Google wouldn’t be providing professional translations through Google Translate app in future for free. Hence this is termed as a risky strategy by the members of the Welsh assembly.

By hiring professional translations experts, to make the plenary records bilingual, it would take five business days and the cost for it would be £240,000. But if the same process were to be used with the help of in house translations services, the cost would be £350,000, says translations news, so which one do you think makes more sense for the Welsh assembly!!

The chief executive with the esteemed Association of Welsh Translators and Interpreters, Geraint Wyn Parry opines and to quote “It’s a ridiculous idea, really that they can even consider translating an official document like this using machine translation that is recognised as having failings”. He further says “The only satisfactory way of producing a Welsh-language cofnod is to use a recognized translator.” Adding to this he says that Google Translate gives an idea of what is said but its app can “nowhere near sufficiently developed to translate official documents”, says translations news.

Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-politics-14309408

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