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Modern Pakistani poetry translated into English

A collection of modern poetry from seven major languages of Pakistan viz. Urdu, Panjabi, Baluchi, Sindhi, Kashmiri, Pashto and Seraiki has been translated into English and released as a book titled “Pakistan poetry in translation: building bridges across cultural and linguistic divides” earlier this week in Islamabad. The first of its kind anthology consists of 146 poems and was translated by Waqas Khwaja, professor of English at Agnes Scott College, U.S.

Waqas Khwaja had earlier published 3 volumes of original poetry and also a few translations of Pakistani literature in English. The latest collection represents diverse cross section of ethnicity, culture and political ideology of Pakistan seen through the eyes of 44 poets. For more information please visit http://pakobserver.net/detailnews.asp?id=10396.

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Plenty of Translation Assignments and Very Few Hands to Help With URDU

Translations news experts say the Urdu department of Panjab University has too much at hand to manage. This is with regard to translations of documents; where very few professional translations experts are seen helping. The second year students for MA aren’t more than five in numbers and the work at hand ranges from important Urdu documents, court cases, will disputes, nikahnaama, revenue records and other property documents, which need more professional translations, help. This is the biggest worry for the department heads, since the work at hand is large and the hands at work are few.

The chairperson of the department, Dr. Madhukar Arya is of the opinion, that many visit them for professional translations services, some who want to go abroad, need their nikahnaamas to be processed with the help of translations to Hindi or even English. There are as much as fifteen to twenty applications for translations sent to the department every day, either in person or through an application.

It is the goodwill of the faculty members who agree to volunteer for professional translations services. The charges for the same are nil but they do realize, if students get involved in becoming professional translations experts, in no time would the revenue start flowing into the department, even the students who work as translations experts would benefit from the same, through earnings on each translations project.

Dr. Zarreen Fatima, another member of the faculty agrees with the opinions of the chairperson. According to her, the department handles translations for the whole of Punjab and Haryana and not just the state of CHD. Sometimes, the faculty members have even translated old papers and a revenue document, right from the time Maharaja Ranjit Singh was the government of Punjab, says translations news.

Certificates and diplomas or even an advanced diploma for the duration of a year is awarded by the department, says translations news. One can even do their masters in Persian or even in Urdu at the Panjab University, both of which are taught by the same faculty folks, who rule the departments translations services.

At present there are 35 seats with the MA courses for first year, and the number of applications for the same this year didn’t exceed twenty five, says translations news. Last year there were twenty who got admitted for MA first year, but ultimately only five sat for the final exams, say professional translations experts.

This isn’t something new, but has been happening for a couple of years now, says translation news experts. This is something not acceptable and hence only if a candidate shows an aptitude for the language, would he be given admission to the esteemed course, says translations news

Sad part here is that most students get admitted to the department, for hostel accommodation and other benefits, not because they have a course to respect and terms to adhere to, says professional translations experts with the department at Panjab University.

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