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How Does The King James Bible Withstand 400 Years

The English translation of the King James Version is celebrating its 400th year of publication this year 2011. The event will be honored this Sunday, May 29, by Richard Barr, pastor of Mountain View Christian Church. He says that the occasion will mark all the churches of the world coming together and remember how its English translation, which was first published in 1611, has affected every churchgoer’s life, and how it has come to be still in use despite the 400 years that it has seen.
The King James Version’s English translation is by far considered the most widely read and beloved edition which is testified by respected bishops, historians and other Bible authorities. Dr. Phil Towner, for example, said that the KJV’s English translation has had a remarkable effect on the English literature, culture, politics and theology. Dr. Phil Towner is dean of the Nida Institute for Biblical Scholarships at the American Bible Society. He considers this version worth of respect and admiration and recommends its use, although he gives his members a free hand as to what version of the Bible they want to use.
Richard Barr further commented that he had used the KJV ever since he was younger. He admits, though, that some churches nowadays choose to use other translations. Despite this fact, the King James Version continues to be appreciated and used in pulpits by many church authorities and it goes on to survive the hostilities and skepticisms of the younger generation churches.
For many times now, the story of the English translation of the King James Version has been passed on either from document to document or by mouth. About seven years before its publication, King James I, who loved anything theological, assembled a group of bishops, translators, linguists, historians and scholars to discuss how to make improvements upon the various translations of the Bible into English language.

Out of this assembly came a number of companies of translators. They cooperated with each other and worked on the different sections of the Bible. Then, these extraordinary men convened in 1610 to review and reconcile their labors. The result at first got mixed reactions, but over the years, the King James Version English edition was finally accepted with admiration and veneration.

Since then other pastors and bishops have used the KJV in their preaching. The Rev. Archie David Poole says that he considers this translation to have the exact meaning as the Greek and Hebrew Bibles. Rev. Poole is pastor of Independent Courtville Baptist Church.

While many bishops and church authorities accept and use the English edition of the King James Version of the Bible up to this moment, there are some who believe that the popularity of King James Version was good only up to 20 years ago. The younger churches are said to prefer to use the New English Version of the New International Version.

However, the fact is that the King James Version is still in use, beloved and respected, and will celebrate its four centuries of publication on Sunday. It is hoped that with the event, other churches will move back to the English translation

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