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Poor web translation frustrates European internet users

According to a recent survey by Eurobarometer of the European Commission, more than 50% of internet users in Europe use a language other than their native language while online because of poor web content translation. Nearly 48% of the users resort to English when the web content is not available in their native language.

As far as internet usage is concerned 24.2% of the global internet users are from the European Union. Germany stands first with 65.1 million users followed by Russia (59.7 million) and UK (51.4 million). The total no. of internet users in Europe has grown by 352% to 475 million since the year 2000.

44% of those surveyed think that lack of quality native language web content is a barrier to proper understanding of the same. This has actually resulted in loss of potential business as only 18% of those polled are willing to make purchases of goods and services when the content is in a foreign language.

For more information follow the link http://www.businessinsider.com/poorly-translated-web-content-alienates-european-internet-users-2011-5

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