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Innovation Brings New Insights When Chats Are Translated

Have you wondered if translations services could help chat enabled services perform better? Well now is your chance to learn more about this proposition. This year in the month of May, there was a need for professional translations services to be used worldwide for chat enabled services. Lionbridge came up with Geofluent, which is an application that would give you professional translations on a real time basis for IM messaging services and chat enabled services as well, says translations news.

It was out on a recent blogtalkradio show where a video was shown, says translation news. The video clearly showed the potentials of chat enabled professional translations to be very lucrative and meaningful. It also showed the world how the software application brought in more for the organization. Lionbridge joined hands with the esteemed IBM company and hence could bring out Geofluent says translations news, which is a result of this collaboration. Geofluent aids real time chat enabled technology to be used with professional translations services.

Translations news says that around 20 years or more of research and development was done for the emancipation of the software. Once it was done, Lionbridge was partnered with them to make the product for professional translations commercially viable to one and all. IBM labs were used to make the technology come to life and at first only the internal employees of IBM were allowed to use it. The software was applied on all spheres of the employee work, which included graphs, datasheets, chat and even emails as well, says translations news. Hence, it has been safe to say that all tests and proven records are in place with regard to Geofluent’s performance.

Till date professional translations was being done by Global Enterprises using manual translations experts. They used manual workforce for translations of content deemed critical and also for chat enabled services, which needed the help of translations. There are other professional translations tools, which made an entry into the worldwide market, but since they weren’t recognized or publicized well enough, they didn’t survive to make the mark.

Translations news opines that Geofluent would be the best software application to be used, since it gives the end user more than ninety percent of real time professional translations services with the essence of the original chat text being in sync. It acts as a medium between two different sources, who don’t speak the same language, yet communicate effectively using the translations tools around. One wouldn’t have to use other free translations tools, since Geofluent has a professional translations tool, which is built-in and gives you the desired results on a real time basis.

Translations news says that the results can be customized according to your business needs for a language in specification. This can be done when the chat scripts of any company, would be analyzed and the models for the same trained to perform the right translations services. Geofluent is aptly used for all languages, which form a large chunk of communication, such as Russian, Arabic and many other Asian languages as well, says translations news.

Source: http://chat-translation.tmcnet.com/topics/chat-translation/articles/210356-innovation-leads-effective-chat-translation.htm

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My Apologies Says Franca Sozzani

Translation news says in one of the most recent features online, there was a big mess-up with regard to gold hoop earrings, which a certain magazine termed it as ‘SLAVE EARRINGS’. This is what set the spark to cause a fire out of control amongst the public, say translation experts around the globe. The opinions of the public were far from being positive and cordial, says a source. This is especially when, the news spilled out on various social interactive networking sites, such as Twitter. The news was also broadcasted high and wide on www.jezebel.com as well, says translations news.

Vogue Italia in a public broadcast denies having said or made such statements and blames it on the inefficiencies of professional translations. To quote the source “We apologise for the inconvenience. It is a matter of really bad translation from Italian into English” as told to translations news by Franca Sozzani, who is the editor in chief for the highly popular magazine Vogue Italia. In another interview Franca told the esteemed Guardian and to quote “The Italian word, which defines those kind of earrings, should instead be translated into ‘ethnical style earrings.’ Again, we are sorry about this mistake, which we have just amended in the website.” As spoken to translations news desks.

If you take a closer look at the earrings and the make, the slideshow has been modified and the whole ensemble has been renamed says translations news. “Ethnic Earrings” instead of “Slave Earrings” is now what is being used, but sources still show us that the TAG used for the jewelry still appears under SLAVE, says translations news.

To quote an opinion for the same by the esteemed website www.jezebel.com “If the name brings to the mind the decorative traditions of the women of colour, who were brought to the southern Unites States during the slave trade, the latest interpretation is pure freedom.” The words “slave trade” have been replaced with “late 18th century” as told to translations news!

All said and done, there are still versions of the description of the jewelry, for which the issues do raise more questions on the kind of professional translations used that brought about the jungle fire in urban fashion. Translations experts say and to quote “ In Italian, the style of the earring is described as “schiave o creole.” “Schiave” translates to slave in English. Believe it or not, this isn’t the first time something called a “slave earring” has appeared in the magazine. Twitter user @thatwritingchic points to a 1946 ad in Vogue for “Slave Earrings”

This is exactly why most in this world today still don’t rely on professional translations, since they think that the main essence of the word or words in use wouldn’t have the same meaning when translated. The meaning could be lost altogether and hence a fiery response by the public at large, when the meaning brings out demeaning connotations, says translations news!

Source: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/blogpost/post/vogue-italia-apolgizes-for-slave-earrings-feature-blames-translation/2011/08/22/gIQAY4ahWJ_blog.html

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Professional Translations Need To Be Customized For Consumers and Brands Differently

Translations news spoke a lot about the way business is conducted online and many company executives do not yet know of an important feature for successful business ethics, which is professional translation service online. If you want your company to do well and attract more customers and investors from the global markets online, you ought to have the right translations tools in place, says translations news.

TransPerfect for instance took a survey amongst the top notch businesses online and showed how important it was for them to adhere to perfect professional translations services to bring down the gap when selling their products and services to local communities on foreign soil. It is important for translations services to cater to the mindset of the local communities at large, rather than just translate on a general basis. The former would have a better understanding for the public than what the latter would, says translation news.

Sadly only nineteen percent of all businesses online surveyed showed interest in keeping professional translations as their utmost priority. Most who took part in the survey opined that they would not need translations as a service to show them around or to attract most customers, since they would prefer being on sites that encourage and sell in their own lingua franca. TransPerfect spoke to around two hundred and more shoppers and businesses across the globe. Countries surveyed were US, Germany, France, Japan, Sweden and other nations across the globe, says translation news.

In all companies which were surveyed, only a handful of employees stated that professional translations should be of high priority, the others looked elsewhere for an answer says translations news. Few employees harped on the fact that apt translations services for the products and requirements, would be critical for the expansion of their companies, says translations news, but startling as it may seem, most didn’t even want to have translations services as a priority in their company.

Translations news said that 73 percent of all consumers spoken to are unhappy with most websites that had a language they weren’t familiar with. While around sixty three percent said they would use websites that would speak their language. Most even said they would use their own translations tools on their iPhones or Androids to change the language or even use a browser that supports professional translations services to aid their shopping and business needs.

Translations news was aghast at the findings made by TransPerfect and hence brought out a write up that spoke of the importance of professional translations both for the consumer and the manufacturer. In this day and age of globalization, one would have to understand the importance of such tools for translations, without which it would be impossible to have great targeted customers come visiting your company’s websites online.

So would the day and age change with the heralding of new professional translations services, only time would tell, till then we have to rely on other alternatives, says translations news experts!!

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The Language They Spoke and the Language Now

Gail Ramshaw speaks his heart out to translation news stating how unhappy he is with the way professional translations has been applied to the Word of God, The Holy Bible. According to him, there has been a total misconstruction of the Bible from what it was and to what it is today, thanks to the translation efforts approved by the Vatican. He feels the newly translated texts for Christian worship and the meaning of the words in the holy texts, take more of a communal feeling rather than a spiritual or religious one.

According to translation news, Gail Ramshaw has been quoted saying the communal wordings approved in the new text is a result of decades of hard work from various committees and the culmination of thoughts by scholars. With the translations of the holy text from Latin into the queen’s language, English, there has been no approval for the professional translations done on a communal basis so far. Gail Ramshaw doesn’t think of the Christian community to be broad visioned, since most of the writings in the renewed 20th century liturgies came about with the help of various traditional culmination from the projects initiated by the Roman Catholics. He is further sad by the fact that the Roman Catholics have given their nod of approval for the professional translations saga to carry on with regard to the Lord’s Prayer and even other creeds as well.

Gail Ramshaw also says that translations for the Word of God is nothing new and many re-translated documents for the same have been found, opening up various issues. To express the biblical vocabulary in a better way, words used in professional translations techniques need to be apt and inspiring. This would bring about the answers to many questions, such as the terminologies to be used, the kind of literacy expected by the followers of Christianity and the kind of access the common folks can have with the Biblical references around, says translations news.

Gail Ramshaw further adds that the expression of theological facts in the new roman texts written in Latin as approved of, shows different hierarchies of the church. Translations news asks its readers to find out, which century of the composites shown in the Bible they would like to follow, when they pray. Most would think of the twentieth century up to date versions for Sunday preaching, while others think otherwise, says a source.

Your words should be chosen wisely and carefully to please one and all, says Gail Ramshaw. The language levels used should be a mix of colloquialism and elevation. This is what would shape the messages conveyed by the Holy Gospel, says Gail Ramshaw and as told to translation news. He further goes on to say, with the use of professional translations for the Word of God, the faithful themselves are now at a loss, since they are despaired with the new age mandate given by the Vatican.

Will the Word of God change for the better or would translations be the name of the game? We still have to watch the game because the movie is yet not over!!

Source: http://christiancentury.org/article/2011-08/yesterday-s-language

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Untoward Professional Translations Can Cause Ripple Effects

Blame it on the inefficient ways of professional translations if you want to, recently there have been rumors published in the esteemed ‘LE MONDE’ on how a famous bank in France has already lost all its money. Sources from the world of translations news sprung into action blaming the media for such false news and rubbishing the claims altogether. The markets are jittery no doubt all over the world and with such rumors being spread over the internet on the second best bank in France going bankrupt, only leads to the creation of a ripple effect, says translations news.
What appeared as headlines on the ‘LE MONDE’ was “The End of the Line for the Euro”, which sent shockwaves across the nation in no time, says translations news. Moreover the journalist, who penned these words was himself a financial reporter, someone who should have known better before making such news a headline, says translations news. Societe Generale and Italy’s UniCredit were the two banks he spoke about and that is what sent shivers down the spine.
The ‘Mail’ which is published in London came out with a story, sources unknown for the same stating that the esteemed ‘Societe Generale’ would collapse any moment and even ‘UniCredite’ was in no strong position to hold fort any longer, says translations news. Reading about such rumors, the social media online and traders across the continent went into a tizzy. This resulted in a tsunami of fears, wondering if the blue chip bank in France, known to be the second best would remain afloat or not!!
It was last Wednesday, when the shares of the French bank came down by more than what it should have, twenty percent is what translation news says. There were also rumors that the AAA credit rating for the banks in France would now go down the drains, says translation news. Such rumors rung the bells of panic for the banking sectors in Europe and most of the European nations including the French banned short sales for the moment. This was a measure seen in the year 2008 when ‘Lehman Brothers’ collapsed says translation news.
When the French bank protested against such false rumors, the London Mail retracted its statements and made public apologies for the same, say translations news. There was an investigation launched to probe where the rumors sprung from and how they took a massive chunk of Twitter’s bandwidth as well.
Reuters and Agence France-Presse journalists in France sourced it to ‘Le Monde’. They said the mail was fiction and would be told to the public via tweets, says translations news. With such misunderstandings on the prowl, authorities and heads of all banks are wondering how and when such ripple effects and rumors take place!! How come none of the translations for the royal wedding went mis-interpreted and why only the banks in the European nation was attacked with false talks!! Professional translations experts, we need an answer for the same!!
Source: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/business/media/fiction-lost-in-translation-as-rumour-web-causes-panic/story-e6frg996-1226119203509

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Where are my TV SHOWS?

Translations news says, a lot can happen not only over a cup of coffee, but also over your favorite television shows, when they undergo professional translations effects. This is particularly true in the case of the welsh television shows when translations for the same goes for a toss, making the television shows lose most of the essence and not retaining the real meaning after all.
They say no matter, which show comes to the welsh domain, something or the other would be amiss when professional translations takes over. Don’t expect to have cent percent translations done for the same, says translations news. You would without a doubt have a lot to clarify, when you send your own programs for translations in Wales.
The other day, there was a review on the famous sitcom, RESTORATION HOMES. The people of Pembrokeshire were watching the program, which was talking about the ruins of the T Mawr, a Gregorian artifact, now crumbling away, says translation news. The program was all about the restoration of the T Mawr. But this program which underwent professional translations services, refused to have the Welsh name T Mawr initiated through and through and cut it off. Translations news says a certain lady by the name of Carolyn Quentin, was so annoyed that she herself named the show BIG HOUSE instead!!
Her question, which translations news says was evoked by many other Welsh nationals came about loud and clear. The question here was ‘Why couldn’t the show allow the original names to be? This is a question which was asked by many across the county, says translation news. This is because none of them thought of the name T Mawr as a difficult name to pronounce and say, says translations news.
Another show, which translations news says is in line with the American reality show, THE APPRENTICE, “SHOW ME THE FUNNY” was telecasted over television channels in Pontypridd last week. Needless to say the professional translations from English to Welsh made a mockery of it all and there was a showdown at the end of it, especially by the Welsh community at large, says translations news.
Sources from the world of translations say that the job was well done and received, but when the Welsh community was asked for its opinion, they thought otherwise, says translation news experts. Most termed it to be editing, which wasn’t good, hence “evil editing”, because all they showed was the negative side of Pontypridd, with big girls downing pints in one-go and chip trays in bins, says translations news.
Dan is a famous local celebrity and on the much hullabaloo of the Ponty episode, he commented it to be the best of Welsh humor and sarcasm shown till date, says translations news. With so many views and opinions on every sitcom being shown around, the Welsh community just has one question to ask, where on earth post professional translations did the real shows go to?
Do we have an answer, ask experts from the desk of translations news!!
Source: http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/2011/08/20/tv-shows-lost-in-translation-91466-29269981/

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Ok Lets Figure Out What is What Post Translation

Translation news says that everyone without a doubt agrees to the cut given to Ireland with regard to the existing interest rates. The leaders of the esteemed EURO ZONE had hardly moved out of the Belgium when there were rumors and confusion with regard to the Greek rescue plan, for the second time that is.

It didn’t seem to be daunting on first look, but it was agreed by authorities that they would give Greece another amount of €109 billion from the fund banks meant for rescue purposes. Translation news says this is over and above the €110 billion which was given to them in 2010. The maturity for the added amount would thus shoot to fifteen years and the rate of interest would be brought down as well, says a source.

Professional translation experts with the media say that the banks made a promise to give more as voluntary benefits, which now would be €37 billion extra to the existing amounts. Excellent, as all thought it would be, only to find out a little later that there were various translations doing the rounds on such plans by midnight, throwing everyone into a frenzy and confusion at large.

Translations news wasn’t sure of what instruments to the plans were selected or rejected, since no concrete estimate or figures were available. This is keeping in mind that the views were granted when the EU institutional members were present, says a source. Ironically, there were hitches in the progress of documentation since Germany wanted along with other nations to add members full time as well. According to translations media experts, it was to bring down confusing scenarios for such a step taken by Germany.

Most say it is the fault of professional translations for making such false news spread around like wildfire. While the Julius Lipsus building was being vacated by journalists in the dead of the night, there was a correspondent from a famous tabloid who scoured the commission official and to quote him “You can’t count! It’s no wonder you can’t run a currency!”, says translations news experts.

Emotions and tempers were brought down by the end of the drama while technical discussions were still going strong. The finance ministers along with eminent lawyers still stuck themselves in the situation though, says translations news, since they had to bring around the legal contracts to the public. Most never even discussed on the corporate tax rates for Ireland when the meeting was on says a source and tax reform talks were plainly ignored for Ireland.

Although Ireland is grateful for the show of trust, just like its neighbor, Germany, even Ireland is not too sure of what the EU tax reforms would bring forth for them, says translations news. So is Ireland going to benefit the lions share after last nights meeting or would it have to endorse larger tax reforms for now, we shall wait for translations news experts to tell us more, till then we can only wait in anticipation for the best outcome.

Source: http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/ireland/2011/0723/1224301202510.html

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The Bible according to time and tide

Translations news says that Hollywood constantly churns out new versions of classical epics so that the newer generations can enjoy them fully. With new versions of stories along with fresh faces and crews to work with, those at the box office are successfully attracting newer folks to the cinema halls, says a source.

This is a view even with the publishers of the Bible, they believe in the same motivational theory of bringing in new audiences, says translations news. If you check the market these days, there are newer versions of the Bible, effectively brought out with the help of professional translations, the NT to be precise in paperback editions which is aimed to bring in more teens to study and know about the holy scriptures, says translations news. Even male golfers have a specialized translations work of the Bible in hardcover, says a source.

The Bible and its texts are unaltered in any case whatsoever, what changes though is the target audience, says translation news. Being one of the best sellers across the globe, the Bible is now reaching millions more, the upcoming generation to be precise. A famous writer for the Washington Post, Michelle Boorstein opines and to quote “that two contemporary translations (the Catholic New American Bible and the evangelical New International Version) together have been printed more than 415 million times”, as told to translations news.

Now in the case of other best sellers in the market, both fiction and non-fiction, the Bible is not read from one end to the next, says translations news. Selective reading is the name of the game when audiences choose to read the Bible. This is because, the Bible has over sixty six distinct books that were brought about together over the millennium, says translation news.

If you collectively take the texts within the Bible, you would understand that it speaks of God’s love for mankind. However, the purpose embedded within each of its selections wouldn’t be the same, rather it would be different. Take the Psalms for instance, they were originally known to be songs, whereas the Epistles are letters meant for a wide range of audiences, says translations news.

Scholarly study of the Bible is regarded in high spirits and endeavors, for this one would have to have through information of ancient Greek and Hebrew, say professional translations experts. Translations in English show the careful ways of the ancient cultures and texts being studied. There are many who would without a doubt say they praise every word of the Bible in the literal sense, however, there is a caution which scholars give out, which is none of anyone around know the intended meaning of those verses, says translations news.

You could have studied the Bible in Greek and Hebrew when you were young, just enough to use translations of the same for the queens language, but before you publish it, it would be best to have professional translations experts being consulted for the same.

Source: http://www.joplinglobe.com/lifestyles/x850292841/David-Yount-Bible-changes-over-time

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That Isn’t the True Meaning of Our Symbols

Translations news says there are many who know no other language apart from their own native tongue they were born with. It comes out as a surprise all too funny when certain English idioms, phrases and even movie titles undergo translations between two or more languages these days, says a source. To quote a Spanish student, Michael Cortez, “The nature of language is so different between two languages that sometimes you can’t have a direct translation, a one-to-one translation, if you will,” as told by him to our translation news expert.

Hayley Blair is of the opinion that even song lyrics, movie dialogues even titles and the literary works written and undergoing professional translations at times don’t hold true to the intended essence and meaning. Xi Qian is a Chinese tutor at Auburn and has a different take with regard to translations services for movies in other languages, to quote Qian “This happens a lot with movie titles in Chinese to make the movie more marketable and attractive to consumers”, Qian further adds and to quote “ For movie titles, most of the occasions, they are eye catchers. If they are just plainly translated, it’s not attractive at all, because we do not see the trailers at movie theaters. You name something mysterious so it’s easier to sell.” As told to translation news experts.

According to Qian, the movie titles and the meanings thereof are completely lost when translations for the same happen. The drastic change to Chinese just to show the audience what the story is all about takes a beating, says translations news. Even to describe the leading character of the movie or to make the title much more appraised of, especially if the movie title has European and Greek myths surrounding it and not known of in China, there is a loss of essence in translations say translation news experts.

To quote Qian “On most occasions Chinese watchers see only the Chinese title from beginning, so we don’t feel that strange when the translations diverge that much,” as told to translations news. Qian further says there are many reasons why words are put under the scanner of translations or changed overall, since the meaning may not come clear when professional translation techniques are used. Who knows the meanings could take a different path altogether and offend many a viewer, says a source.
Lourdes Betanzos, a Spanish professor says and to quote “When things are translated, however, a lot of the beauty of language is lost”, she further says and to quote “The nuances of the metaphors or the symbolism, the color and feeling of the language is lost when it is translated from one language to another,” as told to translation news correspondents. Maybe she said this since most Spanish words wouldn’t have an equivalent meaning in English or vice versa when translations for the same happen.

Betanzos also says and to quote her “One of them is a verb, madrugar,” she further says “Which means to wake up at dawn. There’s not one single word in English that will capture that concept.” So will professional translations be ready to make the best of its services, we can only wait for an answer!!
Source: http://www.theplainsman.com/view/full_story/14861888/article-Cultural-symbols-lost-in-translation?instance=home_news_lead_story

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Lets Bridge The Great Language Divide Shall We!

If you thought men ruled, translations news says change the view. Grace Bosworth from Cincinnati, Ohio is the founder of Global 2 Local Language Solutions, which was established two years back and she is travelling around with her business venture, says a source.

To quote Grace, she describes her venture as “Global to Local is a dynamic company,” as told to translations news. She further adds and to quote her “We are an elite provider of highly high-quality technical translations and elite interpretation services.” As told to our correspondents with translations news.

Along with Grace, we have Thomas Johnston who has been with her venture ever since it was established, says translations news. He opines and to quote Thomas, “If I’m just going to sit there and interpret something that a doctor, a lawyer, a judge, a corporate member of a board of director’s says into the target language, and not know the cultural implications, there are going to be a lot of offended people or the message will not be the same,” as told to translations news correspondents.

Translations expert Grace says this is a quality which Thomas was born with. Thomas was born in the exotic land of Peru but studied in America. According to him, it was only after many years that his American family finally decided to pay him a visit in Peru, the country he calls now homeland and where he was born, says translations news.

Thomas has many revelations about his background which he shared with translation news correspondents and to quote him “My biological parents don’t speak a word of English, and my American parents don’t speak a word of Spanish. So we were sitting at the table which is very common for a Peruvian family,” he further added ” So I would go into the habit of saying and my mom says this. Well, he says this, that and the other.” As told to professional translations teams with translation news.

Grace has a degree in Spanish and also a Master degree in Business as well, both from the well known Xavier. She is all of thirty and according to Thomas, a great business woman as an entrepreneur and money maker, says translation news. Grace wouldn’t disclose how much she makes but says she has plans to extend Global 2 Local Language Solutions to places such as Cleveland and even Columbus as well in the near future, says translations news.

The secret to her success and to quote Grace “its pure ol’ fashioned drive” and she further says “You’ve got to get up every morning, and you’ve gotta push yourself and you’ve gotta make the sales calls and do the accounting and if you don’t know how to do something, you’ve got to find the answer,” as said to our correspondents with translations news.

Grace is known to look at “SCORE” mentor Tom Lunney (SCORE or Service Core Of Retired Executives, help starters who want SME’s to come up). According to what Lunney opines of grace and to quote him, “She’s just kind of married to her job right now,” says Lunney. “And if you’re an entrepreneur, guess what, if you don’t have the fire in your belly, it’s not going to work.” He further adds “ That and believing in your brand. As far as the future?”, “Well the future hold an extremely huge problem for her,” ‘She’s going to have to figure out how to keep this money she’s making.” As told to translations news.

Source : http://www.fox19.com/story/15220232/whats-working

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