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Businesses Need to Pay Google for machine Translation Services

According to translations news we get to know that Google now would charge for its machine translations services. This would be for commercial and business domains who would want translations services for their websites, software development and other applications online. Google Translate manger Jeff Chin on a recent blog post announced that the paid version would be released of the esteemed Google Translate API which would be only for businesses, whereas for domestic users it would be free. To quote Jeff, “The Google Translate API provides a programmatic interface to access Google’s latest machine translation technology,” Chin wrote. “This API supports translations between 50+ languages (more than 2,500 language pairs) and is made possible by Google’s cloud infrastructure and large-scale machine learning algorithms.” To further add to this he says “Those using the commercial version of the API will pay $20 (£12) per million characters of text translated. Chin estimated this would mean around $0.05 per page, assuming the page contains 500 words. There is a limit of 50 million characters per month” as told to translations news.

Jeff goes on to say that there are many who already use the console for translations services and would have the benefits of translating texts not more than 100000 characters on any given business day, says translations news. But this would be a benefit available only till December 1st 2011 after which they would have to adhere to paid services for professional translations. The automated translations concept is wide in use, says translations news, especially with browser extensions to help pages with translations on a daily basis.

This year in the month of March, it was the esteemed European Patent Office which declared that it would incorporate the use of professional translations for patenting in languages such as Japanese, Chinese, Russian and Korean as well as more than two dozen other languages as well, widely spoken in Europe, says a source. Some say those who need professional translations help on a bulk module would benefit from the same, rather than using manual free translations tools around, which would or wouldn’t give them the best results in the shortest turn around time possible.

Large establishments across the globe, would now be able to have processing of all their data and texts on a real time basis, using Google’s Translate API for a minimal fee charged for professional translations, says translation news. Moreover, large companies now have become aware of the various solutions customized for their business needs through such translations services and hence find the paid services for machine translations cheaper to use, rather than hiring real translations experts for the deal and paying them more as well.

Will the paid services continue to be a hit or not, is what we shall wait and watch to see. The benefits are a plenty, especially with customized efforts for the translations services in place, says a source. But will that benefit one and all, especially businesses and software developers in the long run, only time will tell, says translations news.

Source: http://www.zdnet.co.uk/blogs/communication-breakdown-10000030/google-launches-paid-web-translation-for-businesses-10024203/

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Professional Translation Services – A Must for Chinese Airlines

Translation errors by Taipei backed CAL (CHINA AIRLINES) is a glaring feat of unprofessionalism and has drawn criticism across tables for the same. Experts opine, if the national air carrier has to make a successful landing show across the map of china, it needs top pull up it’s socks, and professionalism translation services is now the need of the hour, to avoid further mistakes or even fatal mishaps.
On the way from Delhi, India, while on one of the CAL flights, it was a citizen of Taiwan who noticed the error as seen on the flights on flight entertainment system, being a Taiwanese himself, he was pretty sure he had never heard of such a place in all his living life. One just sits back to think, if there was turbulence in the air, wonder why was there such a mistake made by so called translation updates across china.
This happened because, the Taiwanese passenger later on realized that the translation experts(so called) were using English translators and they messed up the word “CHIAI” which is a place in Taiwan and brought forth the Chinese word instead, “CHI-AI” and not “CHIA-I” which should have been the real word instead, as said by translation news experts from the UNITED DAILY NEWS.
Usually it would be called CHIAYI and this misinterpretation has miffed the likes of the tourism chief who called it a mockery of the Chinese abilities and wanted a correction for the same as a doted apology. Experts with CAL got to work at the earliest to get the right Chinese characters for the place’s name. while the translation updates were on its way, noted professor with the National Taiwan Normal University’s English department, called this a serious callousness on the part of CAL and blamed them for not having professional translation services in place, a sign to show that CAL doesn’t care too much about being professional. Chen Chao-ming an English professor with another reputed university also spoke on the same lines.
It is said that most government establishments across the county of china, doesn’t give much importance to the Queens language and when it comes to having professional translation services and translation updates, these officials are bidding for the lowest possible prices, in order to cut change. No wonder experts with translations news say, the end result is a disaster and in due course can be disastrous, all for the sake of saving a horse shoe nail, over here a few bucks over professionalism.
Transport signs, street guides, signposts etc all face the same blunt criticism for poor translation services. This leads to massive frustration and especially causes harm to the reputation of the country at large. Even tourists feel unwelcomed since communication in the global language is not a priority with the government agencies across china. In order to get rid of this menace and inculcate a sense of professionalism, it is a must that professional translation services be used or else the china would end up being mocked and laughed at.

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