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Iraqi interpreters treated as traitors in Australia

Several Iraqi interpreters who secretly helped the Australian troops during their Iraqi operation and migrated to Australia later are being seen as traitors by their own community there. According to a report in The Sunday Age, the newly migrated Iraqi population finds an undercurrent of hatred among the already existing community members though it has not come out into the open as yet. Some of the former interpreters feel so isolated and lost that they are planning to return to their home country despite the danger of being killed.

There are 557 persons in total including family members who migrated to Australia after the withdrawal of Australian troops from Iraq in 2008. They were given Australian residency and receive Australian government support. They have settled down in various cities like Sydney, Adelaide, and Melbourne. But they are forced to keep a low profile as they are not welcomed by their own Iraqi brethren. For more information please visit http://www.theage.com.au/national/iraqi-interpreters-acts-of-heroism-lost-in-translation-20110604-1fmgh.html#ixzz1ONQBkCUP.

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