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Indonesian Novels Have a New Breath of Life with New Audiences across the Globe

Translation services for Indonesian novels have been a boon for writers in the country, especially now, when they can reach the global audience and get their writings displayed to many around. Indonesia has never had such publicity with its writers as what it now enjoys, the famous writers from Indonesia being Mochtar Lubis and Pramoedya Ananta Toer to name a few. With more translation news and services on the anvil, Indonesian writers are going to have a ball of a time ahead, sharing their thoughts, ideas and belief’s with the world across.
It has come of age where Indonesian literature and writings would now have translation updates and services being available to one and all. Last Thursday saw this happening at the Plaza Indonesia, the venue being the Aksara book store. It was an event when a new chronology of titles, ten in total, spanning writings from local writers who penned down their work between the mid 1920’s and the early 2001. Hence it was given the name rightfully as the “Modern Library of Indonesia”.
Along with the launch, Indonesia also celebrated on the same day the “national Day of Awakening” that supports literature and which was downhill otherwise all this while. This is a step to showcase the rich heritage and culture; the south east Asian nation would want to share with the world. Professional translation experts say, it was with the helping hands of the famous LONTAR FOUNDATION and the famous Djarum Foundation, the ten titles would be available and later on forty more would be added to the entourage of the Modern Library of Indonesia.
Famous playwright and renowned for his writings, Putu Wijaya’s works have been added to the libraries famous ten collection says translation news experts. The famous work of Putu Wijaya “Telegram”, which made its first appearance in the year 1973 in Indonesian and not in English, would now by the blessings of professional translation be available in English as well, so the world waits with awaited breath.
Check on with translation news that speaks of another Indonesian writer, Dewi Lestari, a former singing aspirant and then took up writing full time as a hobby. Her first novel was in 2001, names SUPERNOVA and not in English. But with the help of translation services, she now has one of her dreams realized. Writing for Dewi Lestari was like opening the window of the world where she could express herself, her true nature and her opinions and hence when chosen to be one of the honored members of the ten titles for the Modern Library of Indonesia, her joy knew no bounds.
Not only writers but eminent film makers like Mira Lesmana also draw their inspiration from local novel writers in Indonesia, say translation news experts. For example, the movie, Laskar Pelangi was an adaptation from Andrea Hiratas writings , even Bumi Manusia by Pramoedya Ananta Toer is on the way to becoming a feature hit film. All thanks to the professional translation services these days, Indonesian writers now have a wider audience to reach out too.

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