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Google Translate And The Job It Does

Translation news says that it was in the mid eighties when software giant IBM developed translations software tools. Google then went on to great Google Translate, an app which was far different from what other professional translation apps could then do. It wasn’t based on algorithms and certainly not based on manual translations efforts, to bring around the essence of the translated words into real meanings, says a source.

Some say the earlier version of GT brought no meaning close to the real texts as well. The app never took the expression of the lingo prior to decoding and thus took it as a saying which was uttered long before, rather than how it is expressed in the community, says translation news. GT used the length and breadth of the internet at fast speeds to find expressions similar to the original texts for professional translations needs.

Some say all important documents at the EU can now be scanned and professional translations using GT can span over two dozen different languages. Keeping this in mind, it is also said that GT can now use statistics to find out the best versions to the professional translations for all its original documents to be scanned. This is the reason why many are stunned with its services across the globe, since it brings about change, and that too in a positive way, says a source.

GT wouldn’t have been as successful as it is if it didn’t use the corpus of professional translations and the archives thereof. GT is thus a culmination of many hours of labor, human translations efforts and smart work of men and women who translated texts round the clock to bring the success of GT to real, says translations news.

At present the use of GT is widespread and allows professional translations for around fifty eight languages with translations services for more than three thousand, something that is more than expected ever. You would find translation services from and to quote the source “Icelandic to Farsi, Yiddish to Vietnamese, and dozens more – are the newborn offspring of Google Translate: there is no history of translation between them, and therefore no paired texts, on the web or anywhere else. Google’s presentation of its service points out that given the huge variations between languages in the amount of material its program can scan to find solutions, translation quality varies according to the language pair involved” as told to translation news experts.

GT works with professional translations services where sentences and the meanings once brought through translated means may or may not be the same. It could be that most of what it churns out is a repetition of the previous connotations, says a source, but one cannot deny the fact that GT is here to stay since it is cheap and very fast to use. Whether human professional translations has come of age or not, is yet to be seen, but as of now GT is here to rule the roost, says translations news.

Source: http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/features/how-google-translate-works-2353594.html

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Wooohooo More Indian Languages to Google Translate

If you thought translations in your own language through Google applications was a far fetched dream, think again. Google has read your mind, almost and now allows sixty three languages for professional translation services to be used by you and for your benefit. Although research is still on the five new additions to the translations tool, which are Gujarati, Tamil, Kannada, Bengali and even Telugu, the sentence structure is what they are working on, so that you could have fluent professional translations at the end of it all.

SOV or Subject Object verb is what Indian languages primarily use, say translations news. But English on the other hand used SVO or Subject Verb Orders. Google has done enough of study to make Japanese translations services a hit and without any hitches or barriers whatsoever, hence they went ahead to add more to the translations tools on board this season. But remember, the tool is still being worked on and the fluency using professional translations is not what you would expect to be, world class per se.

Most Indian languages have scripts of their own, unique and very individualistic. The giant company, Google has used a method for inputs and transliteration, in short when you type something in English using your normal keyboard with English letters, the Indic script is shown to you, says translation news. A whole new window of opportunities for you, says experts with professional translations, especially for native language writers and speakers.

Webmasters and web content writers to get saved of the stress and energy, using professional translations techniques to target more internet audience, says translation news. Readers are encouraged to go ahead and provide feedback on the professional translations tool which are now in the alpha stage. This is important since customers are always the king and their wish is Google’s command per se.

If at any given point of time, readers find the translations tools with glitches or issues, they are asked not to be hesitant in providing critical feedback to the company. Without proper feedback on the alpha staged translations tool, it wouldn’t be possible for Google to add more languages to aid with professional translations in future. It is but important that enhanced customer experience is brought about while using the translations tool and this can only be done through the process of providing feedback on a timely basis, say translations experts across the globe.

So if you thought Google didn’t care about you, think again. You now have professional translations help in five more Indian languages and you should be able to use it efficiently once it crosses the alpha stages. Companies and businesses and even scholars or students across the sub continent can rejoice at the extra help provided by the internet giant. The world is changing at a rapid pace, say translation news experts and it is high time, the tools for translations too add more to accompany more, that’s if they care to grow and have healthy competitions amongst its own fraternity.

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