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Professional Translation Services – A Must for Chinese Airlines

Translation errors by Taipei backed CAL (CHINA AIRLINES) is a glaring feat of unprofessionalism and has drawn criticism across tables for the same. Experts opine, if the national air carrier has to make a successful landing show across the map of china, it needs top pull up it’s socks, and professionalism translation services is now the need of the hour, to avoid further mistakes or even fatal mishaps.
On the way from Delhi, India, while on one of the CAL flights, it was a citizen of Taiwan who noticed the error as seen on the flights on flight entertainment system, being a Taiwanese himself, he was pretty sure he had never heard of such a place in all his living life. One just sits back to think, if there was turbulence in the air, wonder why was there such a mistake made by so called translation updates across china.
This happened because, the Taiwanese passenger later on realized that the translation experts(so called) were using English translators and they messed up the word “CHIAI” which is a place in Taiwan and brought forth the Chinese word instead, “CHI-AI” and not “CHIA-I” which should have been the real word instead, as said by translation news experts from the UNITED DAILY NEWS.
Usually it would be called CHIAYI and this misinterpretation has miffed the likes of the tourism chief who called it a mockery of the Chinese abilities and wanted a correction for the same as a doted apology. Experts with CAL got to work at the earliest to get the right Chinese characters for the place’s name. while the translation updates were on its way, noted professor with the National Taiwan Normal University’s English department, called this a serious callousness on the part of CAL and blamed them for not having professional translation services in place, a sign to show that CAL doesn’t care too much about being professional. Chen Chao-ming an English professor with another reputed university also spoke on the same lines.
It is said that most government establishments across the county of china, doesn’t give much importance to the Queens language and when it comes to having professional translation services and translation updates, these officials are bidding for the lowest possible prices, in order to cut change. No wonder experts with translations news say, the end result is a disaster and in due course can be disastrous, all for the sake of saving a horse shoe nail, over here a few bucks over professionalism.
Transport signs, street guides, signposts etc all face the same blunt criticism for poor translation services. This leads to massive frustration and especially causes harm to the reputation of the country at large. Even tourists feel unwelcomed since communication in the global language is not a priority with the government agencies across china. In order to get rid of this menace and inculcate a sense of professionalism, it is a must that professional translation services be used or else the china would end up being mocked and laughed at.

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