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So what’s The Real Deal with Biblical Translations?


Translation news says that the meaning of the Hebrew Bible would take different connotations altogether, keeping in mind various traditions and perspectives to the every word and meaning of phrases in the Bible is accounted for through professional translation. These differences are well discussed at sermons and Sunday schools, even at retreats and at private Bible readings as well, say translations news experts.

Most of us are used to ways we have been accustomed to ever since we were kids, and most of us are unaware that we don’t discuss the need to prove the texts authenticity, says translations experts. Now it is time we do and focus on the biblical scholars who put in long hours of study at various religious schools, universities and departments thereof, say translations news experts. This is important so that we know what we are indeed studying is genuine and authenticated or not!!

When we question ourselves on the variations of the Bible and if they exist, the answer is a total YES. Hence it should come as no surprise that such discussions would be hidden since most scholastic experts wouldn’t want the world to know that there is inconsistency of the ancient texts with that of the translations we find today pertaining to the ideas and texts of the Bible. Keeping this in mind, it would then get really tough and cumbersome for us to know which version should be taken as the right one, says translations news.

Some studies on the ongoing study of the BIBLE Project at Hebrew University in Jerusalem says that the founders of the project are no longer living and hence it is now the aim of the present generation of the scholastic readers to bring about the right academic talks, and edition of the esteemed OLD TESTAMENT, says translations news. The result for the same has brought about two dozen biblical books today.

It is an ongoing effort of the scholars who are studying scripts which are ancient and need the press to intervene and help, says translations news. Some of the important scripts being studied would be “ The Dead Sea Scrolls, the Greek translations, parchment texts written by hand, and texts written in Aramaic and Latin, to name a few”

There is an ongoing search to know which of the ancient scripts and the variations can be compared to make it consistent when the followers read the professional translations of the Word of God. What would be the outcome, would the religious followers and faithful accept the new translations of the Bible or not, is yet to be ascertained. But studies by the scholars for the Hebrew Bible in making it synchronized with modern day thought and philosophies is still an ongoing effort, says translation news

Professional translations experts say, although the ancient scripts are being made to sync with the thoughts of the modern day religious followers, one shouldn’t forget that the essence for the same needs to stay intact, or else translations effort for the same would take a beating altogether.

Source: http://www.islandpacket.com/2011/08/27/1770426/text-translations-may-change-view.html#ixzz1WZUQzq6A

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New Bible translation raises controversy

A simplified version of Bible called ‘Common English Bible’ meant for seventh graders has raised a controversy among the clergy in Knoxville, Tennessee, U.S.  Many believe the new version is inaccurate and some of them call it “watering down the deity of Christ.” The King James Bible is considered the most accurate by those opposed to the new version.

The Common English Bible was translated by a group of 120 persons on a four year project since 2007. According to the publisher, passages from the original version have been simplified to make it easy to understand by the modern audience. But Rev. Rodger McDaniel of Highlands United Presbyterian Church feels the new version will come under intense scrutiny by the clergies just like any other previous version of the Bible. For more information on the subject please visit http://www.wyomingnews.com/articles/2011/07/17/news/20local_07-17-11.txt and http://www.wpsdlocal6.com/news/national-and-world/New-Bible-translation-causes-stir-among-believers-125578833.html.

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