Kevin Ross

Kevin Ross is an expert in the translation industry with several years of experience in translation services. He runs a successful translation agency employing native speaking translators and focus on high quality web translation and localization. His translation services are highly useful for multilingual websites and for clients who want to capture the local audience by providing services in local language from different parts of the world.

Kevin Ross has been working in the translation industry for over a decade. His translation services are highly useful for various websites that are available in multiple languages. He also helps clients who need professional translation services for various important technical and non-technical documents in various industries. With his highly commendable language skills and unique talents to train and employ language translators, it is no wonder that he is one of the recognized names in the translation industry. His success is attributed towards his hard work and his interest to know up-to-date information in the translation industry.

Kevin Ross authors the blog Translation News with a motivation to share latest news and information about the translation industry. Translators and translation buyers who are looking for latest updates and technologies on translation and localization can find his authored blog to be highly informative and effective.


John Taylor

John Taylor is an author of high decree with a lot of famous works to his credit, which are famous all over the internet. Born in a conservative catholic family in Texas, John Taylor has interned with famous authors and writers and journalists from both the social and glamour world as well. John today looks back at a time when he started off and owes his success to his family, without whose non-stop motivation and support, he wouldn’t have been able to make a name in the world of publishing and research.

John Taylor brought out various journals, which focused on socio and physiological interests in the year 1979. Today, he still works as an editor with a leading newspaper and is also an active historian researcher. The author plans to bring out a conglomeration of niche articles, which would address society and human needs at large by the end of 2011.

His career outside the world of writing includes academics and research for NGOs across the US. He has also come up with various papers for college and post-doctoral students on linguistics and how communication in various languages has changed ever since the mid-nineties. The passion to explore more and bring out immense knowledge and ideas to the world is very strong in John Taylor. Till date he continues to sit for hours in his library and works on various research papers for his fellow students

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